Liming Wax - 450ml

Liming Wax


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Liming Wax - Ideal for finishing wood, furniture waxing projects - 450ml. Simple, how to use instructions are included on the tin. Spreading rate: 4-5 square metres per tin.

High quality, UK manufactured liming wax giving an exceptional shine and natural look. Specially formulated to achieve a professional finish to wood with a minimum amount of effort. This paste wax gives a limed finish grain, particularly good on oak doors or cabinets.

Simply lightly rub down the wooden surface with padded sandpaper, and then wipe clean. Next, apply the wax using your choice of a cloth, brush or fine wirewool. Leave to dry for 5 minutes then buff to a shine with a clean cloth. Further coats can be applied as required, to enhance the depth and improve the overall finish.

Use on furniture, furniture components, frames, cupboards, doors or any other type of hardwood or softwood furniture. Widely used throughout the furniture industry for a range of end use applications including tables, chairs, benches, cabinets and other furniture.</a></a>

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